Guarantee Policy

Guarantee Policy


Return Policy

To return an item you usually have 14-30 days once the item have been delivered Depending on the Manufacturer's return policy

 (Policies are below for more information).

 Wrong Product

If you receive a product that you were not expecting as in Color, Size, Brand, or  Model. Please send a photo of the product that you receive and a quick description of your case (click the link below).


 If you want to exchange one item for another with a similar price range, change of color or even model file a case, and while be glad to help.


Change Of Mind 

If you decide to change your mind on your order decision for any reason. We do have a 2-day  processing period. This leaves you a 2-day window to make any changes. this processing period will happen the next after a transaction is made. 

EX.( If you place  an order on January 1 the processing period will end  January 3 at 12 PM CST)

If you decide to change your mind when the item is en route to the address you provide. Just simply do not accept the item when delivered ( usually by UPS, FedEx, or USPS). This will cause the item to be shipped back to our Warehouse once the item is  returned and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item.


Damaged on Arrival

Depending on the manufacturer some items  do have a 30 day-1 year warranty 

If the product is damaged or has a faulty part, we will send a re-placement place if necessary. Please send photos when filing your case (click the  link to file a case)

Please NOTE: Some products do have to be assembled and might appear damaged.


You may cancel your order as long as the item has not been shipped. If the product has been shipped you will have to pay a cancellation fee and also any fees required by the suppliers for restocking.( Depending on the Manufacturer's return policy) If you require an address change or alteration to your order please do so within 48 hours to make it easier. We will do our best to make any alterations subject to whether or not possible by the shipping company or the vendor directly.



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