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My first ev bike

This is my first e bike . I knew I wanted to stay in the 1k range and I know that’s on the lower end for ev bikes . I knew in that range I would be getting more of a street bike . They don’t seem to be geared towards off road unless you’re in the 6k range and up . After some research I went with the 2023 model . I’ve put about 50 miles on the bike . I have to admit I’m having a blast with the bike . The bike came packed extremely well . It was packed nicely with a good amount of foam to keep the bike from taking any damage . I found the instructions easy enough and had the bike put together in 30 min . Once the bike was done and I took it for a spin . The controls are easy to use and are very simple to under stand hit the plus or minus button to change the peddle assist 1-5 .The motor will kick on when you start peddling and will cut off once you stop there is also a lever/throttle you can push down to go fill auto . The screen that holds your data is easy to read in the sun light and tracks all your data from miles , range , speed ec. The bike rides pretty smooth and is fast . Over all I’m pretty happy with the bike . I think it was a perfect choice for zipping around . I love how the bike weighs only 50 lbs a lot lighter compared to other bikes in the 80lb range. Going full auto level 5 my bike hit about 26 and using level 5 with peddle assist I hit around 28.5 . It’s almost too fast zipping around town but boy it feels like you’re flying ! There are a few negatives about the bike and hopefully they can fix on the 2024 model . I’m 5’10 and 178 lbs . The handle bars sit way to low , period! They need to be raised up a good 3 inches so I don’t feel so bent over in it’s current state I feel like I can get a good 30 min ride before I start to feel uncomfortable . Next the front shocks need to be a lot stiffer or a way to adjust the stiffness. They shouldn’t be bottoming out when I hit the brakes ! The last compliment I have is the bike needs to be switched from a 7 to 9 gears . When I’m riding in level 5 peddle assist 7th gear is not high enough and I’m having to peddle way to fast trying to keep up with the motor ! 7th gear and level 4 assist is a sweet spot for sure ! If they can mail these simple fixes on the 2204 model they will go from a good bike to a great bike !! Also I like how the bike has a front headlight untested in the dark ! Wish it had a break light . But that’s miner as you can add your own .

Finally got mine.

The apus is doing what the fact sheets is saying. Rode it twice, and about 24miles each time. It only took 35% of the battery, leaving me with 65%. So, it should give me the 70 miles with PAS as it claims. I changed to a bit bigger saddle. In my previous e-bikes all of them were 250/350watts motor, so I am really enjoying the Apus with the upgraded 500watts motor. On the max PAS assist, it give me a quick boost and it top peaks power of over 850 watts. So I can really speed up, or catch my bike group if I am falling behind. The extra power is also good after coming to a complete full stop on traffic lights. On the negative side, I think I tried to connect USB power to my flash light. Somehow it drains the bike battery or weaken the bikes motor while riding. So I immediately pull off the cable. I think I will rather bring a small battery bank instead and plug my phone or flash light if need it, but nonetheless, having the option to connect direct to the bike is good to know as an option. Overall, I like the bike so far, and everyone that see me with the bike also give me a compliment on the bike's look.

Best ebike I ever had

I have 4 different ebikes and Eahora’s Apus is the best. The Apus gives a traditional light frame bike feel with the electric power, using the longest lasting batteries on the market.

Overall a great quality ebike. Feels refined.

Its light for an ebike, sleek and stylish. Great battery life. Perfect ebike for getting some exercise.

Best value for your money

Insane battery life. Good components for what you pay for.


My new Eahora APUS E-PAS Carbon Fiber Bike is SO MUCH FUN!!! I rode it from Marina Del Rey to Torrance beach with a group of friends a couple days ago. Everyone was very impressed by the comfort, look and performance of my new bike. I love it.

easy to build

I recently bought this bike to commute to get off work every day. So far, I am very satisfied with my purchase. It took me 10-15 minutes to complete the assembly, and I am not entirely talented in mechanics. Very little assembly needs to be completed. You only need to install the front wheels, handlebars, pedals and brackets. Be sure to use the included power supply to charge the battery. Then, when it is fully charged, you can install the battery, and then you can start running. This bike is well-made,

Nice bike and fun to ride

Got this bike last week and really like it. I also have a metakoo electric bike bought from Amazon. This one Eahora with Carbo Fiber frame is much lighter and faster. It is well built and pretty steady. It took me around 20 minutes to assemble it, really fun to ride. High recommend!

Amazing eBike!

Beautiful eBike. Received this eBike a few days ago and already loving it. It is so much fun to ride this eBike. The carbon fiber frame makes this bike pretty lightweight and it is extremely fast. A powerful 48v lithium-ion battery makes it very effortless when going uphill. Extremely happy with my purchase. Highly recommend this eBike for anyone looking for that x-factor urban eye-catchy and fun to ride-to-ride eBike. Thanks and great job Eahora!

Excellent bike

Like design. Ride very smoothly. Hand grip is perfect. Wish to have Alarm build in.

Eahora Plating M1PS - Red

This scooter is a lot prettier than I expected ! ! Don’t get it twisted; it’s no toy. It’s beautiful, sturdy, strong, well equipped, & dependable. Out on the street it is a real head turner ! The company was great & guiding me all the way through the purchase & delivery process. They even went the extra mile to meet my special request for a particular seat. Thank you so much ! ! !

Powerful Bike and battery

This bike is so beautiful and powerful and the battery is the Best for all day long and is true 120 to 130 miles with pedal assistance am so happy with my purchase thank you so much Eahora for this beautiful Bike100%recomended

Basically a class M2 moped, but with pedals so it's a "bike"

So let me start by saying I love the bike. But my review is going to reflect that it's not for everyone. So if I sound critical, I'm not. It's just that the Juliet is basically a huge honking battery with a bike built around it. If you need/want the huge honking battery, this is great. This bike will REALLY get 80-100 miles on a single charge. That is a real number and not a make believe number like it is on some bikes. But there are some tradeoffs made to work the big honking battery in. The most obvious trade off is in size and weight. This bike is large and heavy. The battery is large heavy. The frame to hold the battery is large and heavy. The double post fork that holds that weight limits the turning radius of the handle bars making turning this bike around or maneuvering it while walking more difficult. Without power, this bike is a bear to move... don't plan on riding this without motor assist -- the pedals are pretty much "wink wink, this is a *bike*, and not a class M2 moped", and while they do "work", don't get this bike expecting to use them much. That said, the bike handles fine when riding with throttle, and the throttle is VERY configurable in the system settings (which are comprehensive, if cryptic). I was able to set mine up so that PAS 1 was slow high pedestrian traffic, PAS is 15mph which is the trail speed limit where I live, PAS 3 is 20mph to match my son's class 2 ebike, PAS 4 is 25mph for most side streets, and PAS 5 is max power. I mentioned class M2 moped, you should be aware that this bike will go up to about 32mph, which is more than the 28mph limit of class 3 (albiet not much), and it does so with throttle only (which is not allowed for class 3), so while this looks like a bike and you aren't very likely to get pulled over on it like you would be on a Sur Ron or Talaria, the bike is not technically road legal in most US areas.

The bike comes stock with a lot of quality of life features -- including a bright headlight that has low and high beam, and has daytime running light, the tail light is a working break light that comes on when you pull the break handle, and the bike even has rear facing turn signals. As I mentioned the display/UI is highly configurable if not intuitive. It could be brighter -- it's a little hard to see in daylight. The included rear rack is awesome and HUGE. I was able to mount my large rear basket LONG ways, which is awesome as now the basket doesn't stick out wide on me.

The breaks and suspension are good enough. I had to remove a washer on the bolt holding the rear brack onto the frame that was scraping the rear rotor, and have a velofix guy come and do new bike wonkiness adjustments, so while it all works now, it wasn't a perfectly smooth assembly process. That said, the ride is smooth and the stopping is good. This actually has a rear suspension which many bikes in the same price range do not.

I personally wish the bike came with higher handle bars as I am a tall guy, but it's not unridable as it is. I also wish the bike had a step over variant, as the mid step over bar would give a place to anchor a U lock and strap on pouches that really don't work with the down tube that is honking huge to fit the honking huge battery. It would also be nice if the bike had mounting support for a rear wheel frame lock given the door dash use case (not how I use it, but this bike is popular for that use case, and given how hard it is to fit a U lock or chain around this, a frame lock would be awesome).

I would caveat -- The area I ride is flat -- I've seen review videos and if you live in a really hilly area, this bike may struggle with steep climbs. It will handle a small climb no problem, but if you do a lot of really hilly riding, you might want a lighter bike, and perhaps something with a more torquey motor. This motor is way more powerful than say a typical class 2 bike such as a Rad Rover or Rad City, and it is certainly geared better, but lets just say that it DOES get up to 30mph, but it takes its time getting there. It's quite good for what this bike is, but its not a torquey mid drive climbing/accelleration monster.

All and all tho, despite my quibbles, this has so far been a great bike. It's a perfect road around town bike with plenty of range and enough speed for surface street riding, as well as the lights and signals. More or less, if you want the insane range, and are willing to live with the heavy bike that goes with that range, I highly recommend this. Frankly the bike around the battery is way better than it needed to be for the price point it occupies. Especially when you consider that the battery is about half the cost by itself.

(PS: the Blue color is awesome. It looks grey in the marketing shots, but in person, it is very clearly a metallic blue that looks great. I am glad I took the chance on that).

My first look !

It seem built to last and have a amazing look, it seem to have a very big capacity to make a big ride with that big battery 60 amp 48 volts, i will come back to let my comment about my first ride when i will did.

Excellent EV bike for the cost

My first purchase of this kind of bike and I was very impressed with the quality and overall performance for the price. It hasn't been above freezing yet but I will know more after a few more miles but no complaints.

The Juliet rocks!

My favourite bike yet! Versatility, range and style. Looking forward to future upgrades and accessories! Great touring experience!

Eahora Juliet (Black)

Love this bike! Thanks to the support team. Even though I missed out on the Halloween discount, these guys are still less than her children when I asked them about it. Delivery was very fast. Assembling the bike is very simple. The bike is all set up and ready to ride. I thought that I would need to tighten some bolts, but it turned out that everything was already tightened to the maximum. I figured out the comfortable seating position on this bike, put the seat in different positions, it turned out that the most comfortable place to lower the seat is the lowest, it reminds me of riding my BMX. The steering wheel needs to be raised up. The bike is very comfortable. Tested for speed and travel range. Speed stays 31 mph with my weight 220 lbs. I haven’t measured the distance of the trip, I just don’t have the patience to ride a bike that long :))) the maximum I rode was 40 miles, and at the same time I used up one bar on the battery. Next I plan to make some upgrades - install a front fork for 26" wheels, but put a 20" wheel - this will raise the front of the bike and make it even more comfortable to sit on. I also plan to install an even larger seat so that it changes my position relative to the pedals and makes me sit not above the pedals, but so that the pedals are slightly in front of me, as is the case on cruiser bikes. I also plan to install tires with road tread. Because I don’t need to ride off-road and I want to reduce the noise when riding a bicycle, it will also reduce the resistance to torsion of the wheel, perhaps it will be a little longer in range. All these upgrades are my personal riding experience, I always do this with any bikes, it’s important for me to customize the equipment for myself. Out of the box this bike is great.

Above expectations

Great ebike as advertised. The battery is much easier to handle than expected. With battery out loading on a car hitch bicycle rack no differant than any other e-bike.

Like all bikes , I purchased assesories to make it fit me. Handle bar rizer, rear view mirror and a drop seat. The drop seat allows me to get on the bike extremely easy. Then hit the button allowing the seat to rase to the proper riding passion. Whin I stop, I simply lower the drop seat accordingly. I BELEIVE EVERY BIKE SOLD SHOULD COME WITH A REARVIEW MIRROR. The power and range are unbelievable compaired to my other ebikes, BPM, RAD AND HIMIWAY

Great bike and great investment

I've had this bike for just over 3 months now, and it's been fantastic for me so far. I use it as my daily driver to commute to work and around town, and it has worked great for everything I needed it for. It's very comfortable, the pedal assist and thumb throttle work like a dream, and quite frankly is pretty fun to ride as well. I've also ridden it in a fair amount of weather conditions - ranging from hot sunny days, to heavy rain, and even hail. Additionally, I've left the bike out in some heavy thunderstorms while at work and it was perfectly fine after that.
I'm at around 410 miles and counting on the bike, and don't plan on stopping any time soon. This was well worth the investment and I would recommend it to everyone.

Great choice for daily commute in heavy traffic

I've been using this electric bike for three weeks now, using it for my daily commute of about eight miles one way to avoid heavy traffic in rush hours. One thing I really like is that its battery is detachable and comes with a lock, which effectively prevents theft. It also allows me to take it to the office for charging in the working hours, extending my range. The 7-speed gear system and 5 pedal-assist levels gives me control over my speed and cadence,making the ride feel customized to my preferences.

Great First E-bike

Not going to lie i was worried that this e bike would break down but so far i have 145 miles on it and its still going. I take it to work and back, go to the gym with it or market and its still going.

I took a risk buying from here but it payed off! I live in a town where there are many hills so unfortunately my regular bicycle has been sitting in the garage. However, buying this e-bike is fantastic. I got it today after ordering it just 3 days ago! I don’t know much about bicycles much less e-bikes but decided to put it together myself as a test to see how it would go. It took me about an hour because I took my time but someone knowledgeable would definitely do this so much quicker probably 20 min to half an hour. I used a combination of their video and instruction manual. I had no issues. Had all the parts and the tires were already good for riding!

As a practice, I went to a soccer field. Thought if I fell, it wouldn’t hurt so much. lol I loved zooming around and getting used to the pedal assist. I felt like a kid again! When comfortable I decided to ride in town and conquer the hills. I feel the seat is good but I will add my gel seat on top of that one anyway. The handle bar grips are great and comfortable.

The company has great customer service. I had one minor issue with the bike. That is, the threading for the left pedal was slightly damaged when I got it, and that caused the pedal to fall off after a couple weeks of riding. When I e-mailed the company about it, they replied immediately, they were kind, and they promptly sent me a new crank arm and pedal. In a world full of awful, over-automated customer service, it was really comforting to receive a response from a human being who knew how to help.

I have recommend this bike to several of my friends who have been on the fence about getting an e-bike. Many thanks to the makers of KINGBULL! :)

👍Great fat tire ebike.

I've been riding for a little over a month now and the Californian is perfect for riding. the Rover's fat 26" tires have really provided me with a so-so ride, and the motor's hill climbing ability is quite excellent.
The Santa Cruz ride was a memorable one for me. I was concerned about the Rover's ability to maneuver properly on the beach, and apparently my worries were redundant.
I look forward to you coming out with a folding e-bike, my wife wants a folding e-bike.

Worth the money

This bike is a beast. It gets every bit of 28Mph. I havent had any problems with the battery but i am looking to upgrade to a 20 ah as soon as the price comes down a little. I like my bike a lot I totally recommend it.

We absolutely love this bike!!

Finally got to ride our new bikes yesterday. Love this bike! It is almost assembled and I just need to assemble the rest parts. It was easy to assemble the rest parts and it’s also very sturdy and well made.

First, I love the color LCD digital display, it shows all the important info during the ride.

I have ridden a mountain e-bike that costs ten times as much for the past three years and think everyone should get an e-bike. E-bikes don’t make you lazy. They encourage you to get out more and exercise more. And when I am mountain biking, I get the same workout but I can go much faster and go up much steeper hills and go twice the distance so it’s a lot more fun. I'm 6'1" and still consider it comfortable enough to pedal on longer rides with the pedal assist. The half twist throttle makes it a lot of fun when you don’t want to pedal. But the hydraulic disc brakes work great and it is put together very well. This is such a great little bike to throw into your car and just moto around further and faster than you probably could on a regular bike, especially on hills.

We are so thoroughly impressed with all of the features on our bikes. The pedaling is so easy. Handling is so great. Reached the summit of several hills and I could still breathe normally. How enjoyable!

Good bike for everyday

This bike was extremely easy to assemble. It only took like 25 minutes to put everything together. The instructions were really clear and simple. The bikes battery lasts a long time and you can remove the battery which is very convenient. The bike has lights in the front and when you stop the bike, the lights in the back will shine. If you think that this bike might be too big, it is foldable so it can fit into small places. Overall this bike is good and awesome