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So far, so good

Bike is running great. Great bike for introducing new riders. Oh, and the price, it’s a good deal for what you get.

Awesome little Dirt Bike

I bought this for my Grandson because it was the only thing that he wanted for his birthday. I was extremely impressed by how quickly I received it and how easy it was to assemble. Love that it comes with a mixing bottle for the fuel/oil mix that makes it dummy proof. When it started after just 2 pulls I was even more impressed! This is an Awesome Little Dirt Bike! Very well made and has features of the much more expensive ones. Great quality! Great Price! Awesome Tires! Great Throttle response!

Have had my it for a few weeks now

Absolutely love it. For the money it does everything I expected and more. Fast, solid and made well.

Very Happy!

Great product. Fast, sturdy and went way beyond all expectations. Very Happy!

Fantastic scooter!

Wow, this scooter is awesome! I take it everywhere, does great through my wooded trails too. Can't go wrong with this thing. I really like the bags for storage too.

Mototec Mad Electric Scooter 1600W 48V

Pretty quiet and can do 22-25mph depending on the weight.

Velocifero 1600w scooter

My son enjoying this 1600w scooter. Great buy

Great Bike!

Love the way it rides. Simple to use the electric features. Great battery life also. Make sure you watch the instruction video as the written instructions aren’t the best.

Amazing ebike!

I just received my Ecotric Fat tire ebike. What a cool bike. It looks great! It rides great! And it is built beautifully. I get so many compliments on it. I am super happy with my new bike. On top of everything mentioned so far, Ecotric has been amazing to work with. Their customer service before and after purchase is outstanding.

Been great

Pounding sand for a year and a half on my Ecotric Hammer! Love it so much

Conquer any road

This bike can handle any type of rugged road easily. Awesome bike

Ecotric Hammer handled snow easy

That's about 6 inches and my hammer ate through the snow easily. I was quite impressed. I love this bike 😍

Riding to work almost everything day

Have had this for about a month. Riding to work almost everything day, and longer weekend rides that I really look forward to. This bike has a small footprint, but is comfortable and easy to ride. It comes mostly assembled and just required an hour or so to complete. This was a great purchase and a I am very happy with the value for the money.

Love my Nakto bike

I am happy with the bike. Just to let you know Jason purchased the bike as a gift for me his mother my name is Jackie

Nakto Pony

Great little ebike. Pretty easy to put together. Wheel protector broke in shipping and emailed company because I thought a piece was broke. They emailed me back today and said it wasn’t needed. So I am happy overall!

Enjoying the Nakto Discovery

My kids are happy with it, see them fly through the street

It was really a cool choose to buy NAKTO

150 miles and counting the braking system leaves something to be desired it doesn’t like to stop love it also have folding skylark probably getting more models maybe other brands too my discovery isn’t really rideable though it would be nice if it was less restricted u almost can’t peddle it off ??

If you want a good bike under 1k this is the bike for you

If you're like me, under 5'5, and looking for a bike with big tires that resembles an actual bike instead of a child's toy, there are only three options: Swagtron, Natko's mini cruiser, and this bike. While those with a high budget have many choices, this bike is the best among the three for those on a tight budget. I had the mini cruiser, but returned it due to its limitations. Of the three, this one offers the best features. Both this bike and the mini cruiser have front shocks, while the Swagtron does not. The Swagtron lacks an LCD screen, while the mini has a basic plastic screen that displays power levels, but this one has a full LCD screen showing mph, total distance, trip distance, etc. and even has cruise control. The seat is uncomfortable and needs to be replaced immediately. It also desperately needs fenders to prevent dirt and mud from getting everywhere. This bike drives like a semi-truck, very powerful, but not nimble like a BMX bike. It's not designed for full off-road use either as the battery is secured by a door latch, which may come loose during a bumpy ride, losing all power and erasing the current trip distance. It's a heavy ride without power, but the gearing can make it manageable, just don't expect to go fast. Using pedal assist is necessary and my rides are around 8-9 miles at a minimum 3 level assist. I can get two to three rides on a single charge. Each level down in pedal assist greatly reduces speed and power, making it a workout. My top speed so far is 18.5 mph. Watch out for the kickstand as one of the fasteners fell off during a ride and I had to use zip ties to reattach it. I hope this information helps.

Highly recommended Ebike

Got the bike came with almost fully assembled, just put on the seat, front wheel and the handle, that all it takes. Already rides up to 500 miles and there is no problem came up.
The battery can last up to 40 miles on full charge on Medium speed, at 17 miles/hour, it rides up to 20 miles/ hour on max speed. It takes 6 hour to get the battery full charged.
Highly recommended this ebike.

Glides with ease

I'm thrilled with my new bike! Although I've only had a chance to test it briefly due to the weather, I'm already hooked. I started by pedaling without relying on the battery, and was pleasantly surprised by how effortless it felt. The battery came in handy when I tackled a steep hill and I was blown away by how smooth the ride was. I've also added a mirror and a pouch for storing essentials and my phone.

Awesome Bike For The Price

I was skeptical if the bike was going to be worth the low price. Received the bike. Watched YouTube video for putting together the bike. Tested it out and I’m very happy. Works perfect and has good power. I try to ride it everyday. Would highly recommend. You will not find a better bike.

This is my second summer with the bike

250 miles and counting. This is my second summer with the bike and it been great! I ride it to work on nice days and it hasn't let me down yet.

Nakto Discovery Bike

Nakto Bikes don't disappoint!

Great Bike!

I bought one for my daughter a few months ago and liked it so much I bought one for myself

Nice portable folding bike

This is the Ecotric Folding Bike that I bought and as you can see in the video, it is fairly easy to unfold and assemble. A good quality bike that you can load on to your car and bring to your outdoor adventures. Great buy

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