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Very pleased with this scooter.

It's a bit on the heavyside, but other than that I love it!

Great scooter

This is a awesome scooter that is super fast. I'm 215lbs and it gets me around quick. I recommended it.

Great Scooter!

This has been my daily driver (5 miles, round trip) for nearly 10 months. I'm about 180lbs. and usually carry a 20lb. backpack. Overall, I'm very happy with the scooter. PROS: Awesome power and acceleration. (My 90lb kid often rides with me and the scooter handles the extra weight without issue) Great traction on and off road. Relatively long battery life. CONS: The brakes work, but the pads do not last long. Big-boy power and speed needs big-boy braking. I've had to engineer an extension for the rear fender to keep my butt dry while riding in the wet. I wouldn't recommend this scooter for little kids. The power and speed is quite scary at first and took me a couple weeks to get used to.

Good solid scooter. No regrets.

This scooter is solid. I'm a big guy and this rips with me on it. Well made. It would have been nice if it came with lights. I wired my own, can be done. Has a horn. I might eventually get road tires. Knobbies are nice to have for how your moods change. I had to have the seat. Post is welded nice. Seat is a no go. Get an over sized seat. All in all....maintain it. It should last. Ride safe

Goes uphill

This scooter is super fast. It goes up hills which is a huge deal for us. Wish it came with headlight and break light, but ordered some separate. Definitely would recommend!

Good quality

This thing is fast, it can carry a big guy and still run fast. I am 240lbs and I was specifically looking for something that had speed and the ability to haul my butt uphill. This brute is heavy duty, loads of torque and no problem carrying me uphill and still maintaining a good amount of speed. I’ve had it up to 40 mph on flat streets. I’ve traveled up to 10 miles on this at full speed and hills. She only slowed a little on the last hill, but all the flats were still good to get me home. Wow. I would have rated it a 5 star if it had a little more intuitive battery meter and if it came with a headlight. The batter indicator light doesn’t seem to reflect a very accurate amount of power remaining.

Fun Electric Scooter

Top speed is about 30 mph. It’s super fun to ride. Powerful acceleration. Hills and terrain is nothing for this beast. Just remember the low clearance. I haven’t gone past 10 miles on a charge since I ride the hell out of it. The main downfall the missing star is its weight. Way too heavy. It's not a commuter scooter.

It’s very strong, very fast I do not need to worry about bus fare anymore.

Powerful scooter!

This electric scooter is really powerful! I’ve got some hills around here no other scooter can get up. This Mototec gets me up all of them. Be careful when you first get on and go. It takes off fast.

I’ve driven this scooter everywhere in the last 3 days. It is extremely fast and built like a tank. I was able to get 9 to 10 miles on full charge. I’m 250 pound so a smaller guy should go further. Way over expectations amazing!

Best, Great, #1 escooter

Probably the best electric scooter so far

Excellent scooter

Good quality scooter. Great customer service!

Durable Scooter

I needed a scooter that I could get around on. I have hard time walking so this scooter gets me there also I weigh 250lbs no problem going up a 30% incline to my house. Thank You!

Great value

Super cool and efficient transportation. Highly recommended!!'

High quality, great value

If you are looking for something cool and reasonable price, give this a try.

Awesome Scooter! Top notch Quality!

This is a great moped. You should get one!

Absolutely worth every penny!

Super smooth and cool to ride, a nice wide surface for feet.

Works great as advertised !!

Works great as advertised and has the strength and power to ride up steep hills etc.

10/10 Would Recommend

I’ve had my electric “Harley Chopper” motorcycle/scooter for almost a month now, and man is it life changing! Lol. I’ve been able to take it safely from DTLA to WeHo & back daily and it actually saves me time commuting. Most importantly, I’m saving so much on gas since it’s electric! It’s also a showstopper on the road—95% of the compliments are from guys even though my bike is bright pink. Lol.

A motorcycle cop even passed by me tonight and gave me a thumbs up. I’ve never felt so seen on the road. Hahaha.

I’ve had so many people ask me where I got my scooter. 10/10 would recommend. 😄


The M1P is great! I get looks and thumbs up where ever I ride. I even purchased an extra battery so I could get right back out there and ride some more.

I love the M1P. I enjoy riding I just wish that it would last a little longer the longer than 50 V before dying. That means out of the 60 V I only get to use 10V and that's it after that it dies at 50 V.

My Eahora MIP Chopper 🤟

I love my MIP Chopper. Well built and fun to ride. It would be nice if in the future if you can provide a battery replacement to achieve a speed 50 to 60 MPH.

I recommend it to everybody awesome scooter also is powerful,
I’m use it every day to go to work and my weight is 200 pounds running about 3 1/2 miles the battery still full I love it

Great scooter!

This is a great scooter, the only downside is that it takes too long to recharge

Love this scooter

This thing is fast. I use it to drive from my parking area to the job site. And wow that’s all I can say. I had a razor 250e and this blows it away. The down side is it’s heavy to carry in and out of the back seat of my truck. But I’m still looking for a way to make it work. I love this thing.