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Captain Bligh
This is the one...The CADDY...!!!...

My third E-bike...first one stolen...second one I fell twice...( did I mention I am 80yrs old )... Saw the EMOJO CADDY ad...figured the price was much better then going to the ER with broken bones... Ordered it up and have not looked back... Arrived on time and I had it on the B/path in less than three hours... The display is very easy to program to your style riding with 18 entries... A few minor glitches...some probably my fault...( I love to retro I would have a local shop assemble the bike )...yet I can honestly say the back-up...( thank you Sabrina )...was really there and "for it's intended purpose" this is certainly one of my finest purchases ever...
If you have never ridden a Trike before I would suggest a couple days in a large parking lot and any problems I have encountered have been from too much speed...take it easy...
My only drawback has been,,,; What was a fifteen minute trip for a six-pac now takes 45mins because every time you stop there are a lot of questions...
I love it...I have met and talked to more of my neighbors than ever before...
Happy Trails...

Sabrina DeAragon

This trike is VERY well made! It feels so comfortable and most of all sturdy to ride! It's fat tires help to make your ride feel very secure! The seat with a back rest supports your back during the ride, allowing you to ride on longer trips. Hydraulic brakes, front suspension, and large color display are also great features! I would definitely recommend this trike to anyone! If there are any kinds of issues, Emojo is very helpful to send out any parts needed or provide assistance in any way.

Emojo-Ram Sport
Jim Strasma
Easy stepover and good upgrade, compared to my 2017 Lynx

Although I've considered upgrading my 2017 Lynx before, it has been such a great bike that I just never had until I saw the new Ram SS bike this week. It has a stepover height eight inches lower than the Lynx, making for an easier safer mount and dismount, especially for anyone with hip or knee issues.

Beyond that, the Ram SS is an upgrade from the Lynx in almost every other way as well. The frame is aluminum, rather than steel, which cuts about ten pounds from the overall weight - very helpful when wrestling it into a car. There is also a front suspension, an upgraded controller that now shows distance traveled and current speed, and allows five levels of assist rather than the previous three. The motor is now 750W at 48V, rather than the previous 500W at 36V. This means more horsepower when needs for the steepest inclines. Front and rear lights are included, and thankfully don't need separate batteries. The fenders and rear rack I'd added to my Lynx are standard on the Ram SS. Mine also came with a very nice handlebar cell phone holder that easily adjusted to safely hold my large iPhone, though sadly I did have to remove its removable wallet first.

One remaining option I recommend is a 15AH battery, rather than the standard 10.4AH. I'd already made the same upgrade to my Lynx, and have never run out of power in three years of heavy daily use.

Overall, an excellent top of the line folding bicycle. Highly recommended!

Great Summer

Loving the Views near Steinhatchie Florida.

Summer Fun

It was a great Summer even better with our Nakto bikes. Thanks TopRideElectric

So Good

So look what shows up and gets built within a few hours. Fun & Fast too !! *So Far / So Good 👍

Rattan| LM 500W Mini Fat Tire
Pablo Duran (Atlanta, US)
I love it all great bike

I love it all great bike I’m so so happy with it

Great bike

I’m a 13 year old boy and my parents bought me this bike for either my birthday or Christmas when i was like 6 or 7 it was perfect for me but in 2015 i got a baby sister and for a little while i have been trying to find the charger for my bike but i can’t find it and the only let down for me is i can find a charger to buy again from razor so i can’t find one to buy so i can’t charge it to try and ride it again with my sister since she don’t know how to ride a bike yet she so she can’t drive this herself but if anyone could help me find a new charger to get for this i would love it

Pros perfect bike for smaller people
Cons not that good for taller people

Fun thing to own

This thing is great, the battery life says 40 minutes but for me 1 hour. I won this off a giveaway back in Christmas of 2020, it was a bit hard to assemble. My friends love riding this when they come over. I would like if this thing went like 10 miles an hour more

Pros Legal to ride in neighborhood, cool
Cons The brakes make noise while moving

Fun and Affordable

Removing it from the box, it was nicely shipped. From reading the directions provided, it was very easy to install. While it says I should charge it for 8 hours at first, I did notice that it comes with some charge (for those impatient to try it out). There were some things I liked about it and some improvements I could see. Things I liked: - The scooter has a nice low profile compared to some other electric scooters. - I like that the charging like it easy to see and understand. - It comes with a nice LED head light and a back light on the rear wheel for visibility purposes (for yourself and others). - The maximum speed is nice (advistised at 15 mph). (comparing to the segaway scooter that is ~17 mph) It is a good speed for a lot cheaper price. - I have not been able to test to overall batter run time, but for entertainment or short distances, 50 min. battery life is good. - The charger is simple and can be plugged into any power outlet. - There are 2 ways to break, with the left thumb brake button of putting your foot on the rear tire (like all other razors). The wheels that come with the scoot seem to be good allowing good traction to the concrete/ pavement. - The frame of the scooter is metal and it has a good grip tape for your feet. Possible improvements: - I notice that the room for your feet is very narrow, not allowing me to easily stand on it for long periods of time. - The kick stand is made of plastic. I believe it would be more durable and less likely to break if that piece was made from steel. - I am close to 200 lbs, I notice that it takes a little while to speed up (again this could be due to weight that it advertises as 220lbs max, you are at lease told in the beginning). - If you have to go up any kind of hills, I notice it has some trouble. Going up our drive way causes the scooter to almost stop if I don't have speed picked up. - I did notice that if you turn the handle too hard (beyond how far the wheel can turn), the handle can move out of alignment with the wheel. make sure you tighten the screw as much as possible to prevent this. - Comparing to some other scooter products, it think it would be see to have a speedometer (or something similar) so that you can know how fast you are going. In the end, considering the price is a little more that $300, this is a great product to own is you want to ride around your neighbor hood and just for entertainment purposes. It is a lot cheaper than some of the other scooters and can still get you around like others. I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a good cheap (price) scooter.

Thanks TopRideElectric

I had received this as a gift and when I took for a test run I realized it was the best thing to exist it has lithium-ion battery which I think is lit. The motor makes no sound at all which is even more lit. 13.5 MPH overall is ok definitely would be more lit if it went like 20 MPH. It has battery level indication which is lit and it is pretty fun to ride. Like the fact that it is foldable and portable. Also that it has speed control.

Pros Speed, battery level indication
Cons Recharge time


This scooter is so much fun! I spent the weekend riding around the neighborhood and testing its limits. It can go pretty fast, it will climb small hills but it slows down and it is more demanding for the battery. It is very sturdy and the ride is comfortable thanks to the big wheels. It is a big hit on our street. The neighbors were asking me about it and took it for a test ride. One thing to be careful about is the break. Especially when you go fast, it does give a powerful push back that can be surprising if you are not expecting it. Fun for adults and teenagers! Thinking about getting one for my wife for Christmas so we can start riding together.

Light Scooter

Overall I liked the scooter, it's well built and I liked the feel of it. Begin able to fold the scooter is a huge plus and having an emergency brake system gave me confident driving in the streets, but the electronic brakes can be slow to respond. I had some issues. The charging light can be destructing while driving and it didn't feel sutable for tarmac. I felt it was going to fall apart on high speed, because of the noise, but maybe it's because I weight 180lb. On the sidewalk it performed great, too bad CA don't allow that. I feel like it need some improvement to out perform the Segway scooters that all the apps are using right now, but they are almost there. if they can make it foldable and less noisy in the same time, they are golden in my book.

The Razor Prime III Electric Scooter is highly recommended!!

The Razor Prime III Electric Scooter has a beautiful, sleek design that would be great for younger teens, older teens, and adults. The battery holds longer than I've seen on most other devices and goes as fast as advertised. It also has the durable kickstand that makes it easy to park wherever you may be or you have the option of folding it down and taking it with you wherever you go. It easily folds into a nice compact size that is easy too manage and store without taking up much space. I have used the Razor Prime III daily to go back and forth to the corner store and to ride back and forth to the mailbox as its a walk from my residence. My kids love riding their bikes along with me but have a hard time keeping up as this thing is fast!! My 12-year-old daughter had no problems jumping on and cruising the neighborhood streets while I biked with her also. I was cautious at first because of the speed but she found the device easy to manage, drive, and brake. She learned the device within 5 minutes of jumping on it and she begs daily to take it for a ride. My nephew who is 16 tried it too! He is currently trying to convince his mom he needs one! He took it to meet friends at the park, up to the dollar store, and for a few quick rides just for fun. Him and his friends were really impressed with the design of the model and with the speed! The device is easy to charge as we would just plug it in every night for the next days use. I never ran into any issues with running out of battery even when my nephew was gone to the park for a few hours the device lasted until he made it back home with plenty of battery left. If you are looking for a smooth, riding device that offers plenty of speed and battery for long distances this is the device for you. Whether you are using it on campus to get from point a to point b, for daily trips to the local store, or for leisure purposes you will not regret this purchase. Some features are: Easy to assemble - 5 minute assembly High-torque, paddle control for speed and smooth acceleration and paddle controlled brakes Anti-rattle- There's absolutely no shaking on this scooter which I've experienced in other similar devices. Sleek design: Beautiful for teens, women, and men High speed, long-lasting battery This is a great device that I'll be recommending to everyone in the market for an electric scooter!! Make the next move!! Try the Razor Prime III Electric Scooter!! You won't regret it!!

Good value for your money

Great scooter for short trips, you need a back fender, or you will get soaked in wet weather, mine didn't have one, so I bought one on amazon, also needs upgrade to 48 volts and a lithium Battery, could use some reflective stripes for night riding

Great Scooter for a Great Price

This is a great electric scooter for kids. It has enough power,but not to fast and my son and daughter love this scooter. It seems to be built sturdy not to mention my son says his looks cooler than his friends who have a different brands and his friends say his scooter goes much faster than the ones they have. The battery life is about 40 min non stop. Only down side it is doesn't handle well slight inclines. It works great on flat surfaces the best.

Our pony

Our pony!Love it

Great Bike

I bought this bike March 19th 2021 a month later still working

Nice Scooter

We received the scooter and found the pieces for assembly. Even though we are extremely bad with assembling products we found this easy to assemble. The included tools that really helped with the assembly.
We liked the big wheels and wide standing base. We are older and concerned about balance. The wheels and base should make balancing easy.
The only reason not a 5 star was when on the scooter it seemed to accelerate without me realizing I was moving the accelerator, and it sped up fast, causing a scare. Make sure you are familiar with the accelerator and brake before getting on the scooter.
Looking forward to my teenage grandchildren coming over and watch them ride it.


This scooter is so much fun! I spent the weekend riding around the neighborhood and testing its limits. It can go pretty fast, it will climb small hills but it slows down and it is more demanding for the battery. It is very sturdy and the ride is comfortable thanks to the big wheels. It is a big hit on our street. The neighbors were asking me about it and took it for a test ride. One thing to be careful about is the break. Especially when you go fast, it does give a powerful push back that can be surprising if you are not expecting it. Fun for adults and teenagers! Thinking about getting one for my wife for Christmas so we can start riding together.

Love the bike

Bike is an good choice for a first-time e Bike rider. It's strongly build with a good balance of self effort and motor assist. I would highly recommended.

Ready to ride

Ready to ride!

For a city e bike, this is pretty sweet.

This has encouraged us to get out and do things a lot more. The bike is not very well geared for hills. We still love having it. I have a different bike.

Fantastic E-Bike

I love riding my Santa Monica. It allows for an effortless.

Great Bike!! Thanks TopRideElectric

I much enjoyed bike riding although its pandemic ..

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