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Can carry heavy load

I like the bike so much and it can carry heavy load, customer service are very helpful

Heavy duty

Built very good ,wish it was a little faster.

Very easy to put together but it does weigh a little.

This bike is awesome for the money . I use it as a casual rider to the store around the neighborhood. We have a lot of hills that I was experiencing more difficulty with, this makes it a breeze to get up those hills . I really enjoy this ebike. Easy to put together, easy to ride.

Best bike ever

I love this bike, never again be back to a regular bike

High quality e-bike! Super excited to ride!

This Breeze e-bike is of great quality. Solid structure. Wow, it operates so smoothly. You can zip around on this thing. Really goes for a long period of time. We plan to buy a second one soon. The company is great too for after-sale service. A+++


It fits my bike, perfect

Terrence Daniels (General T Strike)

Great Service, and an absolutely great Bike. Head turner would be an understatement. Really happy with the whole process. We use this Bike in our live streams and people just love it.

Love having an extra battery!

I am able to travel twice as far now. I can carry the extra battery in my side trunk.

New battery

I got my new battery and everything is working great. Thank you

It works just fine

I got a spare battery so if I had to do a quick turn around I could take the depleted battery out and quickly put in the spare and be on my way.


This ebike is truly fantastic, and I've personalized it to reflect my style.

Awesome Electric Bike!

Great e-bike, I absolutely love it. The riding experience is really great and worth buying!

Great Ebike!

Very good electric bike, I like it very much

Awesome bike!

This is an awesome bike and fantastic upgrade from the previous Juliet model.

Favorite consumer product purchase of the year -- amazing e-bike!!!

I'll share that this is my 2nd e-bike from Eahora. I first purchased the Romeo Pro a month or so ago for myself, and it was then a no-brainer to get the Juliet II for my wife. Assembly was straightforward, the components and construction are high quality, and this bike is FUN to ride. Our maiden voyage was a 20-mile round-trip ride to the beach, and we couldn't have been happier with the experience. I never knew riding a bike could be so enjoyable. Oh, and the battery life is insanely good. You will not be disappointed.


I was expecting something like a drop cloth, but this is a fully enclosed tent with a non-detachable floor! And yes it can fit two bikes or one trike.
However the set up is time consuming. Feeding the poles through the tubes is not the easiest of tasks. The advertising photo doesn't show the floor.

My first ev bike

This is my first e bike . I knew I wanted to stay in the 1k range and I know that’s on the lower end for ev bikes . I knew in that range I would be getting more of a street bike . They don’t seem to be geared towards off road unless you’re in the 6k range and up . After some research I went with the 2023 model . I’ve put about 50 miles on the bike . I have to admit I’m having a blast with the bike . The bike came packed extremely well . It was packed nicely with a good amount of foam to keep the bike from taking any damage . I found the instructions easy enough and had the bike put together in 30 min . Once the bike was done and I took it for a spin . The controls are easy to use and are very simple to under stand hit the plus or minus button to change the peddle assist 1-5 .The motor will kick on when you start peddling and will cut off once you stop there is also a lever/throttle you can push down to go fill auto . The screen that holds your data is easy to read in the sun light and tracks all your data from miles , range , speed ec. The bike rides pretty smooth and is fast . Over all I’m pretty happy with the bike . I think it was a perfect choice for zipping around . I love how the bike weighs only 50 lbs a lot lighter compared to other bikes in the 80lb range. Going full auto level 5 my bike hit about 26 and using level 5 with peddle assist I hit around 28.5 . It’s almost too fast zipping around town but boy it feels like you’re flying ! There are a few negatives about the bike and hopefully they can fix on the 2024 model . I’m 5’10 and 178 lbs . The handle bars sit way to low , period! They need to be raised up a good 3 inches so I don’t feel so bent over in it’s current state I feel like I can get a good 30 min ride before I start to feel uncomfortable . Next the front shocks need to be a lot stiffer or a way to adjust the stiffness. They shouldn’t be bottoming out when I hit the brakes ! The last compliment I have is the bike needs to be switched from a 7 to 9 gears . When I’m riding in level 5 peddle assist 7th gear is not high enough and I’m having to peddle way to fast trying to keep up with the motor ! 7th gear and level 4 assist is a sweet spot for sure ! If they can mail these simple fixes on the 2204 model they will go from a good bike to a great bike !! Also I like how the bike has a front headlight untested in the dark ! Wish it had a break light . But that’s miner as you can add your own .

Finally got mine.

The apus is doing what the fact sheets is saying. Rode it twice, and about 24miles each time. It only took 35% of the battery, leaving me with 65%. So, it should give me the 70 miles with PAS as it claims. I changed to a bit bigger saddle. In my previous e-bikes all of them were 250/350watts motor, so I am really enjoying the Apus with the upgraded 500watts motor. On the max PAS assist, it give me a quick boost and it top peaks power of over 850 watts. So I can really speed up, or catch my bike group if I am falling behind. The extra power is also good after coming to a complete full stop on traffic lights. On the negative side, I think I tried to connect USB power to my flash light. Somehow it drains the bike battery or weaken the bikes motor while riding. So I immediately pull off the cable. I think I will rather bring a small battery bank instead and plug my phone or flash light if need it, but nonetheless, having the option to connect direct to the bike is good to know as an option. Overall, I like the bike so far, and everyone that see me with the bike also give me a compliment on the bike's look.

Best ebike I ever had

I have 4 different ebikes and Eahora’s Apus is the best. The Apus gives a traditional light frame bike feel with the electric power, using the longest lasting batteries on the market.

Overall a great quality ebike. Feels refined.

Its light for an ebike, sleek and stylish. Great battery life. Perfect ebike for getting some exercise.

Best value for your money

Insane battery life. Good components for what you pay for.


My new Eahora APUS E-PAS Carbon Fiber Bike is SO MUCH FUN!!! I rode it from Marina Del Rey to Torrance beach with a group of friends a couple days ago. Everyone was very impressed by the comfort, look and performance of my new bike. I love it.

easy to build

I recently bought this bike to commute to get off work every day. So far, I am very satisfied with my purchase. It took me 10-15 minutes to complete the assembly, and I am not entirely talented in mechanics. Very little assembly needs to be completed. You only need to install the front wheels, handlebars, pedals and brackets. Be sure to use the included power supply to charge the battery. Then, when it is fully charged, you can install the battery, and then you can start running. This bike is well-made,

Nice bike and fun to ride

Got this bike last week and really like it. I also have a metakoo electric bike bought from Amazon. This one Eahora with Carbo Fiber frame is much lighter and faster. It is well built and pretty steady. It took me around 20 minutes to assemble it, really fun to ride. High recommend!