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Excellent product

Excellent product. Just have to say that brought the support for cellphone, but otherwise is excellent. Simply genius. Smaller than thought but works flawlessly. Protections not hold well, had by tape. But is excellent

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Danial Williams
WOW ! Thank You TopRideElectric

Thank You! Thank You! I cant say it a enough received the best deal that i know of got it instantly in the email caught the deal right on time before Summer.

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Tim R.
Best Deal In The Martket

Ok. I have so much to say but I'm going to try not to go on a rant but this offer is insane. I search through hundreds of store and it seem that they all are providing the same offer FreeShipping No Tax etc.. But TopRideElectric truly standing out among the rest with the best deals and offers. HONESTLY, I thought this was some type of scam $200 Gift Card for Free to good to be true but i had to test it out when i received my Gift Card instantly in my email i did not waste no time buying my bike now i have a great for a great price.

Thank You

Great recreational bike!

Nice fit and finish for an entry level bike. Quality shifter, brakes and batteries. Surprisingly lightweight, easy to use controls and display. Well thought out wire placement, keeps them out of the way and secure.

I took a chance on this speaker, and I'm glad that I did!

I picked up an Onforu Portable Speaker based upon TopRideElectric reviews alone, having never seen this product or heard one play first-hand, so I was a little apprehensive about whether I was getting a good product or whether it was a decent value for the price(FREE). To good to be true I thought.

Well Im glad that I rolled those dice!

This speaker is ridiculously easy to operate. It pairs easily and only has a couple of buttons to push, each of which is fairly self-explanatory (e.g., on/off, up volume, down volume). When you turn it on, it goes into discovery mode automatically or will attempt to pair with the last device that it connected to. Easy peasy.

The mounting hardware also feels solid and well-made. I was careful not to over-tighten and it feels secure anyway. I'm reasonably confident that this speaker won't escape its mounting bracket. I do have concerns about the "prongs" which hold the speaker in place eventually getting broken, so I intend to be really careful with it, but that's really my only concern about this unit.

The battery life on this speaker impressed me! I've only used it once so far, but after an overnight charge, it easily handled five hours of playback on the road, and still has a decent charge now.

The sound quality exceeded every expectation. Obviously there's no stereo capability on one speaker, but the sound is robust, with decent sound quality capturing a good tonal range, from thumping bass to high-pitched brass section and wailing guitars. I was really impressed by the VOLUME that this speaker puts out, although I often bike in wilderness areas or on beachfront paths where there are a lot of other cyclists and pedestrians, so out of consideration for others I doubt I'll ever blast this thing out at maximum volume when I'm on the road.

I have a plastic baggie in my bike bag in case of rain, as I'm not too sure about the 'waterproof' claims made about this device yet.

Just $54.99 for The Cost Of Shipping that’s a steal


First, I'd like to cover my riding conditions. I have a Trek Verve 2 that I use to commute to work and since I live in Florida I am concerned about using certain roads so I ride on the sidewalk. Some of the sidewalks are maintained very well which can result in a bumpy ride along with points of my trips that cause me to cross railroad tracks and construction.

With that being covered, Wow! This is amazing and this feels like $40 to $50 product.

--The Speaker Mount--
The clip is strong and I never feel nervous about it coming out. As far as the clamp, I'm able to put it on the thickest part of my bar. Before I bought the Trek, I had it on a thinner mountain bike handle bars with the rubber spacers they provide. On both bikes, I've never had an issue with it rotating on the bars. The clips for the speaker are super secure and make a good clicking sound. I've haven't hit a bump that has caused me to worry about it coming out or the feeling that I should push it back into the clips. Removing it can be a little tight (which is good in my opinion), I tend to pull up from the top using the D-clip to pull it off from top to bottom.

Holy crap! I wasn't expecting the sound quality. I was kind of expecting a thinner sound but it's actually pretty full! I also use it at work while I'm crimping cables, soldering, or just doing computer work and I love it! Sometimes I clip it to my jeans as I'm walking around. I haven't used the JBL Clip speaker but I was definitely looking at it for my bike. I have a feeling that this speaker is actually a great dupe minus the IPX7 rating (what situation would you be in that this thing will fall into water for 30 minutes). I do like that the D-clip can be removed versus the integrated clip. I haven't run into rain yet but I'm sure it will be fine as long as it isn't a monsoon for 30 minutes.

Don't have much of a weigh-in on this. I use it at work for a few hours of playtime and ride time on average is probably an hour. I also tend to charge it at work sometimes and I charge it at home whenever I think about it. I think you could get up to 7 hours of playtime at full volume. It also has an auto off feature after 30 to 45 minutes which is a very nice feature. I haven't timed it and I'm not sure if it's because nothing is connect or if it's because nothing is playing. But... It's there and it's a thing. It's an awesome feature to have if you're running into a store or accidentally leave it on after storing your bike.

All in all, I'd HIGHLY recommend this speaker. For a stroller, scooter, moped, bike, basically anything with a handlebar or mounting point, it's perfect!

For A Free A Speaker It Works Really Well

Ordered this product to keep me entertained on my long bike rides. It was FREE!! so you can’t beat that The reviews stated that the sound was great, including very depp and rich bass tones. I was skeptical, but anyway - the price could not be beat like who can beat the word FREE Lol 😂. Upon receiving it, I tested it out and agree that for the small size, the sound is amazing and well worth every penny for the shipping if you are in the market for a small speaker to use on your bike. The speaker mount is solid, easy to mount on your handlebars, and keeps a tight grip on the speaker. Even over bumpy, off road use. I primarily use it on my mountain bike. The speaker does come out of the mount and is highly portable. The buttons are easy to use and give you full access to volume and track changes. It is easy to adjust your music while riding, the buttons have a nice tactile feel that makes them easy to press while riding. Battery life is great too, lasts all week before requiring a recharge. Pairing is simple, and once paired my device links up everytime right away. Over all highly recommended for anyone looking for a speaker that is small in size, but big in sound quality.

This is Amazing Speaker And It’s Was Free

First off Thanks TopRideElectric

I got this speaker to use when cycling. When it arrived I was amazed at the sound quality for a speaker OF THIS SIZE. I have several small bluetooth speakers of similar size and this unit has better sound quality by far. If you hold the speaker in your hand you can feel the thump of the bass. Great volume too. I have to keep it turned down when cycling so as to annoy other cyclists on the trail. The feature that has surprised me, though, is how well it works as a speaker phone. I work from home periodically and I am on the phone quite a bit. Other bluetooth speakers I've owned have horrible as a speaker phone, including one that marketed specifically as a speaker phone. For the price I paid, I can't recommend this product strongly enough. I haven't had any quality issues either. Seems like a robust design to me.

Saved By The Bell

Boom! and Just like that it was over. There I was riding my newly bought electric bike from TopRideElectric. Riding 15mph trying to hit the 20mph mark in my home town Granite Falls,North Carolina in the cycles-lane. Zooming pass every car on the road and every person walking by well A few yell “nice ride” as I pass them by. It was a beautiful day it rain slightly but not enough to let a day off go to waste. So as I was saying I just was about to hit the 20mph mark and then Boom! a car pullout right in front of me from no where and I rammed right into her. By the grace of God I was OK but I can’t say the same about my bike. It was destroyed and to be honest I was crushed all that money I spent was gone. Just in a snap and while I was mourning the loss of my investment i remembered I got an extended 2 year warranty that covers accidental damages with just a few pictures I contact TopRideElectric and file a claim and within a week they had me covered and back on it road again.

P.S. Here’s a picture of my damage bike.


NASA would do well to consider Emojo for the construction of the next USA Mars vehicles. The Caddy framework is very well designed, smooth craftsmanship and being white, already looks "space age". The Emojo "Caddy" is a very popular trike. You'll have fun being part of the construction crew. Then your first ride will blow you away - the torque of the motor is amazing ! Be safe, you will have fun. Thank You Top Ride Electric

Ecotric Starfish 20inch portable and folding electric bike - Matt Black
Micheal T.
Good budget bike and fun to ride.

This is my first electric bike and its a really good experience it runs very smoothly. Very easy to assemble and ready to ride out of box, very well made, if you put the spring seat in it, that will you more comfort. Thank You Top Ride Electric.

Ecotric Starfish 20inch portable and folding electric bike - Matt Black
John T.
Great ebike. Suggested improvements

Pros (I am 5'11" 175lbs.):
1. The build quality is excellent. Folding mechanism is well-designed.
2. Assembly is easy - 15 minutes max.
3. Range is fantastic. If you put in some peddle effort, you can easily achieve 40-50+ miles depending on elevation gain.
4. Battery charge time is fast, 4-5 hours.
5. Both the seat and handlebars offer wide adjustments for varying body statures.
6. Great form factor and light weight for smaller people/spaces.

Room for improvement:
1. Larger cranks and/or larger rear gear set. PAS 3 goes so fast you can't peddle fast enough to keep up.
2. An additional PAS between PAS2 and PAS 3. Too much speed differential between them. PAS2 is 10-11mph, then PAS 3 goes full throttle.
3. Front disc brakes.
4. More comfortable seat with shock absorbing post.

I bought a black one for myself and a white one for my wife. We absolutely love them and are looking forward to the evolution/revolution ebikes are bringing to the world. Thank you TopRideElectric and keep innovating!
John & Linda

Ecotric Starfish 20inch portable and folding electric bike - Matt Black
Blair K.
Perfect electric bicycle!

Easy to set up ( basically just unfold it). Easy to handle and ride. Perfect for me and I am a 62 year old woman!!!!

Thanks TopRideElectric

Thanks TopRideElectric I’m having a great time.

Solid bang for buck

Ordering was very easy and delivery was super quick. Solid ride, great frame, easy to assemble with well documented instructions, space on the bars is tough when you mount the bell and light… room left for other accessories…such as phone. Great performance and very responsive throttle.

Great Bike!

This bike is awesome I was a little skeptical at first but after my first ride I wished I would of bought it sooner, it’s great I highly recommend to anyone looking for an e bike I recommend the mud flaps to its a great combo! Very customizable also which is great! I also recommend a handle bar extender

Road a mud hill today

Love the bike wish seat was softer, battery would last longer, maybe I will get another battery backup. Today I destroyed a mud hill in power 2 it was so fun. Need to order fenders cause you will get dirty. Having so much fun on it. Well constructed and easy assembly.

Large powerful bike.

I wanna start off by saying this bike is very masculine looking and huge, it’s almost as big as a Harley! I’m 6.2 and still struggle to throw my leg across the bike with my feet barely able to touch the ground. Also this thing has plenty of power, I weigh 250 pounds and it has no problem powering me up the road! You’re definitely gonna wanna wear a helmet while riding this thing. As far as battery life goes I’ve only ridden it around the neighborhood so far and haven’t taken it any distance so I’m not sure about how many miles you can ride before the battery dies. I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 awesome bike!!

The Most Fun

She is a beast but a super fabulous beast. Sorry, it is tallish and someone shorter than 5’8” might have a tough time managing it. 750 watts is the key. Can’t keep a person in when it’s this easy to enjoy the outdoors.


I Jerry Gatlin, like this Ecotric Hammer, Fat Tire, E bike, one thing I hope the Designer's, builder's will do is make them go fast enough, to keep up with Los Angeles City Traffic

Bikes for the kids that the parents steal while they are at school!

Very smooth riding bike. Accelerates very nicely and everything works great as it should except for 2 minor critiques: 1. the front axle is impossible to tighten enough for it to stay in place(bought a nice lever replacement one on Amazon for $11 that works great!) 2. the breaks are incredibly loud when breaking. Otherwise they are great bikes!!!


This bike is perfect if you're on a budget and you're looking for a way around the local area without expensive uber. Though the inner tube is pretty cheap it's an easy fix on your end. I wish the bike came with its own repair kit but it's not like it's that much for one anyway. Its very fun riding this bike, just don't crash like I did. Haha.

Awesome Bike For The Price

I was skeptical if the bike was going to be worth the low price. Received the bike. Watched YouTube video for putting together the bike. Tested it out and I’m very happy. Works perfect and has good power. I try to ride it everyday. Would highly recommend. You will not find a better bike.

Good Value

I purchased two Nakto bikes over a year ago and have had no problems with either. Both meet top speeds of 20 miles and both batteries have lasted 22 miles as specified. Great value for under a $1,000.00 each I would purchase Natko bikes in the future.

No complaints, reliable

My husband bought this model last year, it's been great, I just bought the exact same one. I recommend this brand. No complaints, good quality

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