Collection: Razor Collection

Razor electric scooters are the industries #1 electric kids scooter manufacturer. E-Scooters have taken the World by storm, and Razor electric scooters are at the forefront of e-scooter engineering, both for kids e-scooters and adult seated electric scooters.

Boasting Razor electric scooter bestsellers and kids e-scooter models, pick and choose from various electric scooter models to tailor your taste. Featuring seated e-scooters for those who commute longer distances or individuals with a disability. High quality, lightweight and foldable electric scooters available. The Razor Metro HD is our bestselling seated model, with the Razor E300S boasting the perfect safe electric scooter for all users. Affordable electric scooters and high quality, these e-scooters are US engineered and free shipping. Low price match guarantee.