Collection: Maxfind

Maxfind, a pioneer and leader in hub motor skateboarding, is on the mission to create high performance electric skateboards to provide all riders with a top-quality skating experience. Their expansive range of electric boards have been designed specifically to accommodate for all styles of riding.

Maxfind feature several top selling boards, such as the Max 2 Pro and the FF Series, which are both perfect e-boards for cruising round the city and short distance commuting. With their high-top speeds and long distance ranges, these boards are a fantastic way to experiment with your speed and explore the streets of your city. Alternatively, if off-road electric boarding is more your style, Maxfind have also created some more powerful and resilient boards. The FF Plus Series or the Max 4 Series are suited for those who prefer taking more adventurous routes so that they can test their limits. With high top speeds and all-terrain tires, there is no better way to experience long-range travel.